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What is LoL eloboost ?

LoL boosting or ELO boosting refers to a virtual service provided in League of Legends. There are various methods of the service, and our site offers a lot of them in the highest quality. The essence of LoL boosting or ELO boosting relates to high elo players.

What makes sure that my account won't get stolen?

The security of your account is provided by an application programmed by our developers. With that application no booster has the access to your private details.

Can I be banned for boosting?

There is always a small chance that this may happen, and no one can guarantee you 100% protection against it. If that will happen, we won't take responsibility for it.

I have a question which I can't find in the FAQ, how can I ask it?

You can ask us the question through the contact form, available here: Contact us.